Scathing Daily Income Method Review

The Daily Income Method -a new money-making system on the block and I’m sure you must have heard of it among many others. While I’m quite cynical when it comes to any such online schemes for they have little to no substance, this is one honest daily income method review that will hit the right chord with you.

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Without wasting much time, let’s begin…..

Is Daily Income Method Worth?

I have been reviewing many other online money-making systems lately and based on my experience, it is worth giving a shot. However, I would present facts to back my recommendation.

Basically, it is a sales system that operates on Motor Club of America (MCA). Created by Mack Mills who has been backing the way MCA helps you earn commision on selling VSL (video sales letter).

For now, I can say that earning money from MCA is very much plausible. So, you shouldn’t be putting it in the category of many other scams I have reviewed so far. Nevertheless, let’s dig further.

How Do You Earn Money?

Like many other schemes, you would log in to the system only to found a video from Mack that gives a peep into his lavish lifestyle with all credit goes to the MCA. I have personally seen many sales videos in the last few years that makes it believable than many others that brag at length about the scheme.

Once you join the MCA, you would have to buy the system for promoting it the way Mack is seen doing. When you refer people to MCA you will be able to build a team and earn commissions. However, you would have to shell out some fee to use Mack’s Daily Income Method website in order to get more people sign up for the same. It is pretty easy this way; alternatively, you can use your own in order to make some easy bucks.

If you end up promoting MCA, you’re pocketing $80 for each hiring into the MCA membership club which comes to nearly $39.95 during the first month and $19.95/month in the subsequent months. Also, you end making $6 for each sale made by your recruit.

Another part of the scheme involved its automation system that Mack sells for $47/month whilst he has paid millions of dollars on that. While he may sound it very easy, it is far from it.

You might be thinking that can you earn $500/day? Well, yes if you have lots to shell out on advertising. But practically its unachievable for a common man.

Is it a scam?

As much as I have seen through, it is not a bogus scheme. Instead, you can make decent money after carefully reading through the website and the scheme being promoted. It’s definitely not a scam but then there are better ways of earning money. Right?

It is important to know that MCA is an authentic name in the industry and the Daily Income Method is merely promoting a promotional page to get access to the same. Also, you have to pay a lot less herein as compared to many other schemes that ask for the monstrous amount, to begin with. Also, you can rake in commissions on it, so you’re surely not a loss.

Also, Mack has been associated with preparing sales videos for many MLM companies, This gives him an edge over others to make it all the more engaging and lure more users to sign up. Not to forget, the MCA recognizes the same and hence the commissions made go into your pocket without any hassle.

Having said that there are some downsides to it. Every business opportunity comes with a price tag and so is it. Though there is no major negative here, if you’re a novice, then you may have a tough time dealing with the initial phase.

The final verdict says ….

It is promoting a reliable way of making money. Do not write it off like many other cheap schemes which are all about making tall claims with not a single penny earned.

Since it is about your hard-earned money, make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons to make the final decision.

Hopefully, this daily income method review has given you a fair insight to make a better decision for your precious money.

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The Millionaire Mastermind Review

There is no dearth of online money making opportunities for many people flock to such offers finding them easy to make easy money. However, there is only a grain of truth to it.

While some are honest business models, many would only suck up your money in the end. Here, I would be sharing an honest The Millionaire Mastermind review for you to be armed with all the facts before taking the final decision.

What is The Millionaire Mastermind all about?

It is nothing but a training company that imparts training and learning about how to operate in affiliate marketing and other methods such as CPA marketing. Sound good. right?

Having seen through many online scams, I usually do not buy into any spruce up a business model for they might have nothing to offer inside. So let’s figure out more on this for you to make a better decision.

The Brain behind The Millionaire Mastermind?

The only face behind the company is Giancarlo Barraza (popularly known as “Coach Giani.”) who started this company in 2014. If you look into his LinkedIn profile, he is currently serving as the CEO of the company.

From whatever little is available online, Barraza resides in Florida and has been working in web development until the economic crisis struck in 2008. This probably pushed him to start with affiliate marketing to make some quick money for his living.

There is nothing gross as far as Barraza is concerned if I see through all other online reviews and other sources. However, it was evidenced that way back in 2014, he was selling the training program in lieu of ‘minimum $2000 with barely anything to offer in return.
So you can say that he has been peddling his marketing expertise in a very low-grade manner just to earn some money. For whatever reasons, this doesn’t seem a recommended way to do business.

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How did I get to know of it?

I got to know of Coach Giani while I was checking through youtube channel of entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Catching a look at him while promoting the Millionaire Mastermind program was honestly quite unexpected.

Grant has a reputation to live up and I follow him religiously; so it did give Coach Giani an edge over many other scamsters out there.

Also, I do believe that all the people are screened before they are allowed to advertise on youtube. So, Coach Giani had got my benefit of the doubt then and there.

The company claims to have benefitted thousands of students through the affiliate marketing training program. Well, figures can be fabricated but affiliate marketing does have in it to let you earn good money.

Whilst Coach Giani has made its name popular but it is to let you know that there is more than one person involved in building The Millionaire Mastermind website. For instance, there have been significant contributions from the co-founder Rafael Luque: and marketing director Samuel Ribeiro. The duo has plenty of information about the market and the desired knack to play the instrumental role in the success of the company hitherto.

Do you make money?

While I would have written it off long back for I am of the opinion that most of the online programs have little or no substance to it. However, with the Millionaire Mastermind, it was different for the appreciation Coach Giani has garnered.

So, when I logged in, I was directed to ‘get the case study’ before Coach Giani starts sharing his expertise in online money making. So, I shared my email-id which I believe will be used for email -promotion of their market products.

If you thought it would be something factual; well, it is a video that shows Coach Giani occupied with his working system on which he shows the users a long list of screenshots that enlist the sum of money he has made with the program.

Anyone with a laptop and basic knowledge of using the same could make it to the potential users of the website. They train you to beat the market competition and make the best of the business opportunity out there.

Well, that’s a convincing way to gain more users but then practical challenges are all a different ball game. Nevertheless, there is more to is as he asks users to avail the members of dropshipping for Amazon.

With Amazon’s brand name attached, you would surely nothing think twice. Also, many big e-commerce companies are into drop shipping so this isn’t unheard of.

However, it isn’t that easy for you to have to price the products more than you are being sold to, in order to make a profit, and it can actually be very taxing given the consumers can directly buy the products on a lesser price.

So, think of it before giving in to the impracticality of the business model whilst investing your savings into training programs and in extension, the dropship services.

I may or may not agree with some of the practices but there is nothing fishy about it. Alternatively, you can explore more options to do the same business without investing money in training resources.

The Final Verdict says ……..

I have done thorough research on the website and its owners to regain the lost confidence in widely spread online gimmicks. Until now, I do not see much reason why it should be tagged as a bluff.

Matter of fact, its associated with some of the known names in the market only adds to its reliability. Nevertheless, it is your money and you should be careful with wherever you put it into.

The online market is flooded with many desperate players hounding you for signing up to their websites for easy money. However, the Millionaire Mastermind can be given benefit of doubt for it seems to be one decent company which is selling you the much-needed knowledge and skills to earn in a comparatively better manner.

Having said that it is not a scam, I would advise people to practice caution whilst entering the high-risk business opportunity for you may not earn anything out of it or worse, you lose it all!

Hopefully, the millionaire mastermind review will help you make the best call for your money!

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My Online Dream Biz – Another Scam on the Block?

How about living your dream with much ado? Sounds impossible but that’s what My Online Dream Biz is selling us.

My Online Dream Biz is just another website boasting about making earning money online easier than you can think of. Well, that’s enough to make you sit through a promotional video once you log in to the website.

But what you get out of it is absolute zilch.

I have reviewed many online scams in the past, so now it doesn’t take much time to actually catch the bluff with flashy banners shouting easy money.

With My Online Dream Biz – it’s all big talks and no money! But how? Well, this honest review would prove my words right by the end of it.

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What is My Online Dream Biz?

My Online Dream Biz claims to help you earn $3,000 to $6,000 per month with making little efforts. So if you’re working full time somewhere, even then you can avail this bounty.

No wonder, it comes in some of the top searches in Google for people aspire to have a business of their own. So any helping hand would be more than welcome. Isint? Nevertheless, let’s wait before we drop the curtains to the show!

You may be enamored with the glorious returns but there is more to it and this review would precisely shed light on some hidden facts.

Let us start cracking the code….

As I logged into it, the very first sales video has ‘
Jason Moore’ bombasting about how easy it can be to pocket $3 to $6k in a single month whilst sitting in the comfort of your home. He claims to have earned millions of dollars online with My Online Dream Biz; so the guy has all your attention as he starts unraveling the secrets.

Well, I remained double-minded but still gave him a fair chance to convince with this sales pitch. Well saying that would be an understatement since I genuinely thought that it may be different from other scams.

So getting back to Jason Moore; he claims that you can go on to earn $400 when the video ends. Well, that was a bouncer I wasn’t prepared to take on. So, I was hooked and after all the tirade, I ended up receiving nothing close to even a mine let alone $400.


You’re not alone since I was at the sitting at the edge to know how a video could make me earn this much money. But hey! It was all bogus for he claims that this is the amount of discount you get off on availing My Online Dream Biz system.

So, you have to shell out only $99 out of the market price of $499 so yeah they’re offering a huge discount. I was stunned and so do most of you if you ever went on to watch the video.

I was tricked into believing that there was a huge revelation around the corner but my deep-seated fears prove to be right. To get some insight into the scam, I tried to dig out some information about Jason Moore since paid actors in such business is a regular thing.

As expected, he was a scam artist from a popular site ‘Fiverr’. So the entire video was completely scripted to fool the audience into believing that My Online Dream Biz is a luxury cruiser for you!

Don’t be surprised if you found him in some video for he might have acted for many other fake sites as well. You may argue that maybe Jason is the name of the owner, and he is just hiding his real identity. But why would anyone do that?

There is no clear answer to that. For that matter, even the official website doesn’t have any mention of the owners and their background. So what to make out of all this?

I have seen dozens of sites making such tall claims with most of them somewhere linked with MOBE. Watch out for many affiliate marketers from MOBE getting into such shoddy business to lure people into fake schemes.

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Do you make any money?

That’s a legit question for you would be spending $99 for nothing. So as you log into your account, you will be expected to do a handful of up-sells.

Ethically, there is nothing wrong in upselling for companies like Amazon recommend some products that mirror your frequent purchases. However, here in My Online Dream Biz, it’s more about sucking money out of you once you have made the first purchase.

The biggest drawback is you aren’t even getting reasonable recommendations; it is just about making money with any possible easy means. Whilst they claim you’re making extra money with every purchase, the real picture is different altogether.

If that’s not all, you might be flooded with emails for promoting their products and other stuff and that too at exorbitant prices. It is an unstated fact that buying a product sets off you to an endless journey of buying some or the other product.

The final verdict says ……

By now, you might have got a fair idea that what it means to be a member of My Online Dream Biz. It is nothing but another scam to fool you into making repeated purchases for stealing money.

There are a lot of people out there who end up buying Jason’s sales tirade, but that doesn’t make fortunes for you. In fact, you might be losing what you all have with all the tricks in the books.

You may have read many my online dream biz reviews, but hopefully, this has given you a better insight. You wouldn’t like betting your hard-earned money on something as fickle as this.

If you’re in need of extra money, do not turn to these virtual monsters. Instead look for the system that provides you genuine training to set you on the right track to earn money.

Exposing The Home Earning System Scam

It is pertinent that we continually revise and update what is happening around us so that people can leverage our experience. This is why today I have taken up the task to expose and present my review for yet another scam- Home Earning System.

Consider this post as a warning sign because if you are somehow involved with the Home Earning system or thinking to be part of this arrangement then please find the real truth behind the scheme first below and then make your mind.

Before I jump…

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Feeding You Lies

You might have been reading several blogs and most of them would fit the idea that Home Earning System is an amazing tool. However, as I have perceived and grasped this entire arrangement, I’m wowed how huge a scam can be.

But the Google is stuffed with tons of blogs and comments describing the magnificence of the Home Earning System. The readers are always in a dilemma because there are some promoting the system persuasively and there are others who are immensely critical of it.

How is it so?

As I started digging deep to review what was an entire procedure of Home Earning System, I found that it is completely unethical and deceiving arrangement.

Please don’t trust these blogs as they are completely fake and entirely fabricated to earn the commission as an affiliate. These blogs they are completely filled with bogus schemes.

They claim that you can make thousands of dollars in 7 minutes just by sitting in the comfort of your home. There are multiple reasons why I acquiesce that it is complete BS-

The very first sign of a fraud- using logos of big corporates or international media such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. These brand names are just misused to gain the trust of the people. While in reality they don’t own any connections at all with these corporate houses and are a pure lie.

The operational strategy for Home Earning system

It seems like the scams such as Home Earning System is in trend these days. Lately, I have been taking up reviews of many comparable websites to Home Earning System such as Millionaire Biz pro and Auto Home Profits.

Nonetheless, there are some legible people like Tai Lopez too. There are multiple signs of finding the honest and scam programs. Majority of the scamsters employ same promotional strategy and have similar elements in their programs.

The very first pretension would be to make larger than life claims that make you think about their validity. However, they prey on people who are not much aware of the running scams on the Internet and who cannot easily spot the falsehood.

The Home earning system would give a zero benefit to you and it isn’t like binary options scam whose percentage has declined in the present years. It is growing and growing huge!

The people associated with this system use bigger promotional strategies and with their fake endorsements trying to scam out as much money as possible from your pockets.

In lieu of the big sums, you have paid they just offer you some worthless training. Additionally, they would claim of limited positions and chatter that they have hundreds of affiliates in their area that are already promoting it.

Just try signing up for this program and you will be told that only 3 spots are left out of the last 50 spots. Then you will be told that you are lucky to find a top spot among thousands of applicants.

This is all bogus. It’s just a BS bit of code they are applying on their website to give you the feeling that they have restricted positions but originally they are all fake.

There certainly are UNLIMITED spots because they want to rob as much money as possible from as many innocent and unraveled people as possible.

Drawing a Conclusion

After much deliberation and talking with a great number of people who have used this system, I personally have spent much time to review the reality of Home Earning System, I felt that this system is a scam.

Trust me it will offer no value to you, and I’m definitely not going to recommend it to you.

However, if you are really gotten tired of the scams on the Internet, I would advise you to check out my No. #1 Recommendation below-

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The Super Affiliate Network – Searching for the Scam side?

Every day there are new schemes and proposals that make extra efforts to convince you with their repetitious marketing and promotional strategies, billboarding that their systems can help you boost your income.

With new pyramid schemes on every hook and corner of the street, this time I have decided to review the Super Affiliate Network to specifically discover if it manifests something helpful or not.

But before I begin..

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Weighing the Super Affiliate Network

Now we know that Super Affiliate Network is not something that has emerged recently, however, it has gained a lot of traction in the recent few months.

As more and more people were exploring and asking me about the authenticity of this system, I decided to conduct a review of the Super Affiliate Network.

So, when I started inspecting this program, the first thing I noticed was- this is exactly similar to My Super Affiliate Mentor. This Business opportunity is being promoted quite dominantly over the last few months and “My Super” has received more appearance lately in comparison to other similar plans.

With the Super Affiliate Network, the premise specifies that a training system is conducted that enlightens how to earn money on the Internet employing the affiliate marketing techniques. It specifically teaches how to take benefit of the business opportunity attached to this program.

The model structure is quite alike the AWOL academy program, which is basically my No. #1 recommendation for making money online. However, different affiliate program comes with some contrasts that make them authentic and authoritative.

Examining the work structure of the Super Affiliate Network

Well if you want to join the Super Affiliate Network, you can do so by depositing $1. This will seem perfectly fine to you because $1 is not a big deal to pay for an entire training program.

But this meager price is just the starting fee and not for the entire length of the program. You can start and take a trial program, however, it will end pretty soon.

The admins of this network have been quite hypothetical when choosing the steps of this program. I have a couple of reasons why I feel so-

First putting a starting fee even if $1 will confirm that you are fully interested in the program and have the faith to pay more if required.

They will know that you are not the one asking for freebies and are committed to going about with the program.

Next, the $1 is a trial run and once you pay the amount and your trail is over, you will be billed at a monthly rate for continued access to the program.

This is the standard procedure for the trial and you can actually easily cancel out if you do not wish to persist as a member after your trial runs out.

Going through the training

Once you go have decided to go for the training, you will be diverted to series of steps to train you as an affiliate marketer.

Here you will be trained for various elements of affiliate marketing such as preparing an mailing list, email marketing, and other different tools that will help you build links.

The training will also equip you with the knowledge of traffic generation.

Upon closer review of the Super Affiliate Network, I found that there were multiple up-sells presented with the program that can cost enormously.

Well, there is no specific cost but I can tell you that they will cost you some thousands of dollars if you decide on upgrading your membership program.

Paying for the program

The Super Affiliate program is popularly known amongst its subscribers as “pay to play” program which means that if you have shown interest in becoming their affiliate and deciding to promote the network, you will need to actually own the products yourself first.

Once you have possessed the products then you can resell them and get the commission out of it.

This arrangement has however been repeatedly criticised by many people because the products as such hold little value and are only being circulated to resell and earn commissions.

This kind of organizational flow is comparable to Aspire Today and WiFi Millionaire system. These companies are not advisable to invest because you end up buying products you care about little.

Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network system

Misha Wilson a 25-year-old Internet marketer is the founder and owner of this network. Now Mr. Wilson has been a pro in the domain for some years now despite his young age.

He was one of the top earners for several affiliate programs on the Internet until he decided to branch out his entire new network.

It is quite credible to his character looking at his age and efforts he has put in experimenting with something as diverse as Affiliate marketing. He has been able to earn a lot of money for himself.

Let me tell you if you become an email subscriber to Misha’s affiliate, you will that he has been able to generate millions for himself since he started out for his own enterprise. He has grown really fast in short span of 12-14 months and he is a real person, not an actor.

Using the real face for your advertising and promotion makes you more accountable amongst your public automatically then the $5 gig actors from Fiverr.

Misha is definitely the one who can teach you the real ethics of Affiliate marketing because he is already experienced one in the domain.

Inferring The Super Affiliate Network

I would not say that The Super Affiliate Network is a scam because certainly, Misha Wilson is an experienced affiliate who have a real success story and a set of accomplishments to his name.

Nevertheless, after comprehending the arrangement and going through a proper review procedure for the Super Affiliate Network, I would not even recommend this one to my readers because there are lot many better options in comparison to this program.

I have examined and monitored several systems and products. I have hands-on experience with numerous complex arrangements and after spending colossal time and years of experience, I have listed below my personal No. #1 Recommendation for earning money online.

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Are we witnessing yet another scam with The Lotto Crusher system?

Searching for a review on the Lotto Crusher System?

While going through the reviews of the Lotto Crusher system, you might feel this one is magnificent seeing number of wondrous testimonials on the Internet. But sorry to break your dreams, all of them are completely made up.

These reviews are put up by the internal affiliates who promote Lotto Crusher System to scam you in their forgery. I have witnessed many people falling into the traps of these counterfeits, thinking that this one seems genuine.

Alas! it is hard to know on the web which one is honest or not. This is why I have encompassed all my experience in this blog, so you can stay away from fraud schemes and learn how to make real money online.

Before I go…

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What is basically the Lotto Crusher System?

The Lotto Crusher system primarily is a tool that prophesies the lottery. I know this may not seem as alarming to you at first. But think of this, “Do you absolutely feel that the Lottery can be predicted?

You will get not even a penny with this system rather the guy who schemed into making such an arrangement by now would be massively rich to start his own lottery system.

Well, let me elaborate more for you if you have been so far believing the fallacy of The Lotto crusher system.

So basically this Lotto Crusher system asks you to enter the 7 previous winning numbers. Here the system will break down the possible winning numerals and you then go out and buy those numbers.

They say if you do that you are sure to win a huge amount. All this sounds so ridiculously simple and you may feel, this is it?

Deciphering the real truth

The reviews and testimonials posted for the Lotto Crusher System are entirely false. The admins are posting videos of actors who just read the scripts and present it as testimonials.

(These actors can be easily found on the popular freelancing website called Fiverr selling the $5 gigs, making you nauseated at their existence.)

When I further investigated this system, I’m actually disheartened by the mental state of the people, who can give produce fake testimonials for any corrupt system and sell them as something “out of the world” in lieu of earning a mere $5.

I would definitely stress again and again that Please don’t believe in this system, they are just built on the hype cycle.

Would I say this is a scam?

Yes, I would definitely rate this as a scam.

Majority of the people in their lifetime have played a lottery once or twice. But we reckon that the chances of winning are slim.

Surely who would not like to win millions? And Yes! This is a game of luck. The only way you can maybe change the probability of winning more in your favor by buying more tickets.

Understand that there is no system that can predict the lottery numbers. Any rational person would know this thing and this is why I recommend it as a scam.

The Lottery just picks out some random numbers and no one anyway can win on counting the previous winning numbers. There are no calculations which can be done with it and the previous winnings have NEGLIGIBLE influence on the next winning numbers.

My Recommendation

Why are you basing your dreams of getting Rich on Destiny and chances?

As an experienced affiliate, I have investigated the entire mechanism of Lottery Crusher System and read reasonable reviews. Now after much contemplation, I would advise you to stop wasting your time on something as silly as this.

Before I leave…

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USI Tech Reviews- Read My Unbiased Opinion

Do want to learn more about USI Tech?

Not sure whether or not the USI Tech swindling story is true?

To give you a better understanding, I have shared my point of view of USI Tech.

You may have read many other USI Tech reviews, but an honest opinion is needed to make the final call. Right?

So, let’s get started…

USI Tech Reviews


USI Tech no longer operates in the USA or Canada. Since there will be no branches of the organization in U.S or Canada, you can no longer avail the services as a customer or affiliate with it.

This is a huge setback on the USI Tech’s name and image as a company because most of its clients and affiliates are from the USA and Canada.

The red signal was the order of restrain, and termination was issued in Texas for USI Tech as well as BitConnect. The news went viral when users accessed their USI Tech accounts only to receive a notice that the company has halted its operations in the States and Canada.

The review below was written before the news was revealed and may lack authenticity.

Before I go……

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There are plenty of USI Tech reviews on the internet but a massive chunk of them are biased.

Behind reviews that over-exaggerate the positivity of the company are the affiliates of the company itself whose main goal is to convince you to sign up as a customer. Whereas those who write extremely negative reviews of the company are most likely to be affiliated with its competitors such as BitPetite or BitConnect. They manipulate you by calling USI Tech a scam to sign up for their companies instead.

Be wary of such half-baked USI Tech reviews for they will dupe you into doing something irrecoverable.

You will also find compelling reviews about BitConnect X which is the new ICO, introduced by the pioneers of BitConnect.

Whom to trust? Let me be of assistance…

What Is USI Tech All About?

The USI Tech’s official website lacks credibility because its pioneers, its team members, and the purpose, aim, and objectives are missing.

For a company that wishes to appear trustworthy and reliable, the disappearance of USI Tech’s basic foundation makes it appear shady and hard to trust.

The only tangible data that can be compiled in terms of the company and its establishment is the date it was launched on the internet – somewhere in the middle of 2016.

Apart from this, the important fundamental information and details about the company remain unknown.

You may find a lot of USI Tech reviews downplaying the severity of this crucial bit. Do not risk your money over shoddy claims!

A majority of the organizations that are secretive about their information and data unfortunately cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, it is prejudiced on our part to completely dismiss the organization since our USI Tech reviews are just starting.

The point of focus here is that for any MLM/ crypto currency company, it is important to have concrete background information to build a highly regarded reputation.

USI Tech Products

Further on, the products offered by USI Tech are not your everyday products. Although you cannot really learn about each and every product offered by the company in details, one thing is certain- the company definitely offers is affiliate membership.

The affiliate membership can be purchased and sold. What makes customers buy them in the first place are the fixed returns they receive on their investment.

The customer who buys an affiliate membership can access a forex auto-trading system since it is part of the platform. This platform, as said, comprises of the MT4 Trading Software, which is renowned for making digitalized marketing evaluations.

According to the USI Tech, affiliate members can make almost 150% a year because of the company’s short-term and long-term strategies.

But, when you closely scrutinize this, it is, in reality, the former USI Tech that was associated with forex trading. The new one has restructured and moved toward cryptocurrency.

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USI Tech Compensation

Members of the affiliation receive the payments from hiring commissions and brokerage fees transferred directly into their accounts.

A fixed commission system is also a part of the deal. As you look closely, it appears that the company is most lucrative for those who can hire others. This is exactly the way other companies that I have exposed to be ponzi schemes such as BitPetite.

Earning With USI Tech

By investing in Bitcoin you can easily make around 1% every day. This may appear to be an insignificant amount, but in the globe of investment it’s, in fact, a lump sum amount and is alarming.

In reality, the odds that every cryptocurrency investor could earn upto 1% a day is highly unlikely.

You will also notice that enormous cryptocurrency profiles are impossible to sell. The ones that are sold easily and in abundance are the smaller amounts.

This is because no one is ready to take the risk of investing millions into a cryptocurrency coin because the shifts in the coin will be their responsibility.

Once you decide to sell your position, the prices will fall because everyone will want to buy the coin at a price they make the bidding.

This works with Bitcoin trades because the amount is already so heavy but the odds are negligibly low with regular crypto currencies.

USI Tech Attracts Amateurs

Over time, I have reviewed more than 350 scams just in the last year and one thing that was similar and noticeable in all these scams was that the easiest to play with are the amateurs.

Whilst there are many USI Tech reviews written with little or no substance to it, many fall into the trap and end up losing oodles of money.

This is because they lack experience and understanding of the industry, and when an opportunity as bright shows up, they are instantly convinced that it is legit.

Many people have endured losses because of ponzi schemes previously but with the introduction of crypto currencies, things can get much worse because neither does any authority regulate them, nor are there any evidences of their traces.

There is no solid proof or trace of Bitcoin. It is just there and you have no access to any of its background information such as who runs it or where it started from. So this is a massive risk because who will stop the USI Tech founders from not eloping with your money?

This is where honest USI Tech reviews like this one come handy to avert massive financial loss.

Now, I am not saying this will happen but what I’m trying to explain to you is that there is a high chance that it could.

Is USI Tech A Scam?

Like I said before, if the founders wanted to run away with your investment, there is nothing stopping them. Bitcoin lacks traceable foundation, which makes it quite a risk to invest in such platforms.

USI Tech functions exactly the way many other companies do. Its largest rival is BitConnect which is obviously a much larger platform. Nevertheless, EthConnect a fresh  investment platform (functioning as Ethereum) in no time will develop enough to be at BitConnect’s competition.

I have this theory that I believe in – any place or platform that promises a fixed percentage of reward on investment such as 1% a day is shady and laced with risk.

Just the idea of a fixed profit sounds like a ponzi scheme because it is awfully difficult to regulate a fixed return on a legit investment.

I am not certain whether or not USI Tech is a scam but there is a high probability that it very well could be.

Many USI Tech reviews will tempt you to put your money without thinking. Think before you decide for your hard-earned money.

The wisest thing to do is to remain wary. You can move forth with your investment and even make a lot of money, but you also need to make up your mind that you could just end up losing everything you’ve invested in.

It’s as risky as gambling to invest in such platforms so whereas I would suggest you to refrain from getting involved in such platforms, even if you do, make sure to be smart with your investment.

So, what I’m trying to say is to not give away every penny from your account, but rather, take it slow, and invest an amount that would be counted as an investment, but if lost, wouldn’t cost you your entire fortune.

Before you leave….

USI Tech Conclusion (Updated)

I was very unsure of the company while writing down this USI Tech review.

I simply couldn’t understand how on earth they could give away fixed returns. I firmly believed that this platform that promised a fixed percentage of return on investments was just too big of a risk and unpredictable in the long run.

Much to my dismay, this has been proven to be true for a number of affiliate members and customers of USI Tech in USA and Canada.

A couple of USI tech reviews have been way too irresponsible to conceal the lingering risks in this scheme.

This is why the company was banished, and was ordered to halt its operations instantly in these countries. And because the company did most of its business in these countries, there is a low chance to find such a massive market anywhere else.

Thus, it is quite likely that USI Tech might just run out of business.

Hence, in my USI Tech review, I do not endorse investment in the company.

Push Button Profits Review- Is it another deceiving scam?

Quick money making schemes is the latest fad that have gripped the people across web, which is why I decided to put together a Push Button Profits Review for it.

However, the very first query with most of the users is – can Push button Profits really help anyone to make money or is this just another type of fraud on the web.

Let me share my Push Button Profits review with you, so you can determine on your own level if it will work for you or not.

Before I proceed further…

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Explaining the Push Button Profits

The very first look at the Push Button Profits website will make you feel that this is just another scam resting out to loot money out of your accounts.

Well my  Push Button Profits review will let you know if it really is a scam or not. I will share below if it really is a scam or not. After spending some time examining the website I discovered that I can actually comprehend the reality of this system because I have experienced this sensation even before.

Coming to the point Push Buttons Profit is basically a sales funnel and the precise product and the leading opportunity that comes with it is called Traffic Authority.

Traffic authority was fundamentally launched in 2014 that gives you a business choice to sell traffic. If you think of signing up for this program you will be trained through a series of videos which will exhibit exactly how it works.

The traffic packages are brought to publicize your business and subsequently you start learning how to earn 50% commission selling back the traffic packages.

The fundamental mechanism is when you purchase the traffic, you are actually selecting it to send to the client of your choice.

What you are trying to achieve over here, in reality, is that you are actually diverting visitors back to your unique link for Traffic Authority.

If you know other people who are interested in the opportunity will sign up they will be redirected to the exact same steps that you were asked to perform and buy traffic.

As they are asked to conclude you’ll earn 50% on the traffic acquisitions they make.

Checking the scam signs for Push Button Profits

Now my verdict on Push Button Profits after succinctly examining the model and structure of this proposal makes me ascertain that if it is not a scam then it is misleading practice.

Now there is a reason why my Push Button Profits Review says so. Because Traffic Authority the business behind Push Button Profits is a good opportunity, but, arguably the way it is being administered is somewhat not appropriate.

Let us again review the steps taken to connect with Push Buttons Profits proposal. When some user signs up to Traffic Authority (the real business opportunity that takes place behind the Push Button Profits) the person is taken to different training videos to explain the conduct of the business.

In these tutorial lectures, the person comprehends how he/she is going to buy the traffic, so that they can expand their business easily and subsequently start reselling your traffic packages to other people that you are connecting with.

Now it all sounds perfectly simple and you find it quite enigmatic in the first go. But soon after you realize that this arrangement is not the same as you thought it to be.

First of all, the traffic you have bought is ridiculous to the core and enormously expensive. True that you can earn 50% commission on the traffic that the other people have purchased, however, there is a huge miscalculation involved with this network.

The traffic is highly overpriced and the one you communicate with the successful affiliates of the program you will realize that they are NOT exactly using the traffic on the Traffic Authority network to generate signups and grow their commerce.

The simple reason that it has grown huge is that many of the newcomers are not able to realize this whole composition. You buy traffic packages thinking that you are buying some top-quality conversions but the opposite seems true.

These traffic packages are basically sub quality suits that are massively expensive and come with fewer conversion rates. Try your apprehension with the top runner in Traffic Authority and he/she will make you understand that they have been successfully driving their own traffic.

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Majority of successful affiliates employing Traffic authority are generating traffic from their personal schemes such as Facebook ads, solo ads or personal email lists.

Literally, nobody would surmise that they have found success buying the original traffic packages of Traffic Authority.

Nevertheless, you will notice because newcomers are not aware of the scenario they run through losses. And, this is why I call this misleading arrangement if not a complete scam.

Even if proposition and thought behind Push Button Profits is great, it will never work out because of the low-grade quality of traffic.

It entirely depends how you take this proposal. After steering a complete Push Button Profits review, I feel that this one is undependable like 21 Step Millionaire Coach or Online Profits Breakthrough which also advertise the similar kind of business opportunity and end up with nothing.

Should you Affiliate with Push Button Profits or not?

Well, it entirely depends on your experience and understanding. Usually experienced marketers who have a judgment of diverting quality-traffic on their own have accomplished great success in this activity.

Many seasoned marketers easily sell these packages to the newbies, who actually end up with zero conversions after buying hugely overpriced traffic.

Therefore, it is entirely your call and what you feel about the what level of marketing hierarchy you are. If you think you have the skills to convert this, then go ahead.

I have seen many successful marketers promoting unethical products simply to earn some profit. It is more like fooling those who have less knowledge. In fact, my sole intention behind this Push Button Profits Review is not to let dole out their hard-earned money for absolutely nothing.

If I talk about myself, even I have made a good amount of money as an affiliate myself but never with corrupt products. Nonetheless, it is your conscious to go now- if you want to support dishonest practices and fool around with people, then nobody can stop you. Right?

As I have matured in this industry I vowed myself to form integrity with my work and this is why I came up with this blog. I will only promote something If I feel it be legit.

If you are honest about your practices and don’t want people to consider you fraud. I would not recommend that you to sign up for Push Button Profits and divert traffic to people who are unaware.

Also, know that you will have to spend thousands of dollars for qualifying and buying the package first for yourself.

Concluding The Push Button Profits Review

For me, it is a BIG NO for Push Button Profits and I don’t think it can help any genuine person earn money. Hopefully, my Push Button Profits Review has been able to cast away a lot of your doubts on making quick money.

Before I leave…

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Claims Made in Serplify Review – Honest or Scam?

A new software called Serplify is widely being promoted with a claim that it can facilitate to rank your website on the first page of Google. Well, only an honest serplify review can help you.

It has been further added that the software uses 1000’s of keywords to deliver the highest result.

Honestly, this all seemed quite unrealistic to me in the first instance, this is why I took on the task to review Simplify claims.

But we should not leave anything on foremost impression and give judgment hereof.

So when I took the task to do Serplify review, I undertook deep-rooted analysis of various aspects.

Please just don’t feel that this is yet another review by an affiliate who want to promote it to you for making few dollars. Here I will share my complete and honest opinion.

But before I begin my Serplify review….

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Examining Serplify for Genuinely

In the past few months, we all have seen many scams of binary software like Rubix Project and Tesler. But today we will be reviewing something seemingly authentic and genuine.

I have for the most part of the time, been not much positive for such SEO software generally because I have already practiced quite a number of years on ranking websites.

Just to say that by clicking on few buttons on some software you can rank your website in top results is pretty skeptical.

Nonetheless, I examined much closer and hence I acknowledged that it is completely possible.

However, this software will work for the websites that have surprisingly low competition on the local grounds and don’t require much backlinking.

Also, the process can be accomplished through a manual push too but it would take plenty of time. What they have done with this software is that the development team have just automated the entire process.

If scrutinized thoroughly then you would know that they have actually done nothing special and even the sales promotion quotes and phrases are not just precise.

People buy it with the consideration that it would generate profit, however, a majority of them have no apprehension that it would only help them at the local level.

I would recommend to the people who just bought it relying on word of mouth, advertising, and rankings to actually evaluate if it is helpful for their business particularly. Nonetheless, it would genuinely work if you only want to promote your business on the smaller scale.

One thing you would necessitate after using Simplify is the manual editing of the site and arrangement of the content. Just examine if the entire process has worked the right way.

Things that Didn’t work for me

Undoubtedly, there are some very good things about this software, however, there also list of things that did not work for me. You can read my review of Serplify and accordingly see if you are okay with them or not:

Now they advertise that Simplify can build a perfect 60-second site that will rank your page #1 out of the 138,000 search results on Google.

  • It seems great when you hear 138,000 results, however, nobody cares about this number. If you know the accurate utilization of keywords, then you would also know that there are plenty of keywords that are not actually hard to rank. You might have also searched for a website that has resulted in millions and are not hard to rank either if well optimized. So advertising claims of Simplify are irrelevant in that respect.
  • Building a perfect 60-second site is fundamentally impossible using an automation technique.
  • You will only get successful rankings if you have very low competition. Better use this software for dominating local rankings.
  • If somebody with least knowledge of SEO is using it for Google, then he/she would end up disappointed or find a penalty for disrespecting Google Ethics. If you are experienced enough to trick Google then you might get something out of it, otherwise, you will get immensely confused.

Things that worked

As a mentioned before there are certain things that give an affirmative nod about this software.

  • This is an automated software which makes things lot easier and if used correctly can save enormous amounts of your valuable time.
  • The theoretical approach of this software is on the right track. In reality, Google does bestow some niche authority to some sites and ranks them well.
  • If amalgamated with the manual know-how of SEO, this software can be a huge time saver and can do wonders for you.

Would I rate Serplify a Scam?

I would certainly do Serplify review if it is something as a scam in any manner. Nonetheless, I would point out one vice for the approach employed for advertising, which is the claims- the promotional phrases used by the company are not entirely accurate.

But Yes! It is definitely not a scam and can work as a quite useful tool if employed with manual comprehension for local business competition.

My Recommendation for Serplify

Would I recommend it to you? There is a Yes with some Glitch. If you are planning for more reach and exposure it is not the right tool for you. This can help you dominate the local SEO rankings along with some manual editing. So for those of you, who think that this is a simple 1 click software for ranking sites then I’m sorry to tell you, it is not.

Nevertheless, after a full-fledged review of Simplify, my opinion is not EVERYBODY’S TOOL. Some people can always differ, however, I hope many of you may find this helpful.

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Scrambling for My Millionaire Mentor Reviews? Here’s My Take On This!

If you ever thought of making quick money, then the mention of My Millionaire Mentor shouldn’t surprise you at all. While you may have read many My Millionaire Mentor reviews out there, this review will shed light on some hidden facts.

Technically, there is the mixed response to the online money-making opportunity. However, before making any judgment and get bogged down with numerous millionaire mentor reviews, let read this to get a fair insight into this system.

Before I dig in…

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What’s the truth behind My Millionaire Mentor?

My Millionaire Mentor is one of those online opportunities that is linked with MOBE which is itself is a trusted business. However, it has lured many affiliate marketers who have set off a slew of online businesses to hire people for their vested interest – commission on MOBE products or services.

Do not buy into their big claims for they have nothing substantial to offer. It is a mind trick to convince users to buy their expensive products to make them a permanent member of the entire fraudulent system.

Avoid giving into the random My Millionaire Mentor Reviews and instead look for facts.

The first and foremost alarming aspect is their sales video which like many others has some over-enthusiastic individuals boasting about the success they have achieved with My Millionaire Mentor.

You may feel tempted to follow the suit but it doesn’t happen that way. It is merely a trick in their armor to entice needy people into buying into My Millionaire Mentor. If you take a close look at the promotional videos, you would find some of these people nothing but artists who can speak for anything in lieu of certain charges.

In fact, I suspect one of the guys is hired from there are many sites out there offering such paid actors for companies to brag about their products, services etc. Such deceiving tactics just to rob off people of their life savings?

How ridiculous that sound. Right?

Well, my first reaction was far worse since I actually thought good of it but after navigating it through, I would give it a big No.

Anyway, let’s figure out more. They claim to offer you $500 once you watch their over-promoted video. But you get nothing out of it. In fact, to pocket that sum, you may have to run through a number of stages and shell out lots of money. So, at the beginning, itself, you’re spending more than you expect to gain.

You may have stumbled upon My Millionaire Mentor Reviews boasting about the skyrocketing claims. Right? Check the facts before you decide on anything.

Who’s the handler of My Millionaire Mentor?

Heard of Ryan Matthews? Well, there is practically no reliable information of this man anywhere online. In fact, there is a huge question if he, at all exists or is just a cooked-up story to give some backing to the business. So, who are we supposed to look up to?

Browse through their official website and you may get a peep into the history of the man. However, you wouldn’t get a spec of detail about the founders anywhere else. Sounds fishy. Right? Why shy away?

On the contrary, MOBE is a huge game involving a lot of risks but still has the backing of its real creator Matt Lloyd. Whilst it isn’t for chicken heart people, at least you know what you’re getting into.

How Do You Make Money from My Millionaire Mentor?

You receiving an email and click on a link to direct to the website where you’re supposed to sign up to know all. Let me tell you, most of such scams are spread via email marketing and if you buy into the account, the sender gets its his or her share of the fee.

So, while you put your money to make a purchase, the affiliate who sent the email will get more than what you paid, in most cases.

If you want to spend money on some genuine online business, then check the link below for my highly recommended means. This is so that they stay motivated to ring in more people into their system.

It’s a huge bet where many people get fooled into. Beware for you may end up paying more than what you even expect to earn least.

Of all, I blame some of the My Millionaire Mentor Reviews published making huge claims when the reality is far from it.

The final verdict says ……

My Millionaire Mentor is a small player with a big nexus simmering across the market. You can make money but you have to win through many steps back to back while continuing to spend money.

There are many bogus My Millionaire Mentor Reviews floating around to rope in lot of retired people. So, be wary on such unreliable schemes.

If you’re expecting to make fortunes out of it, then this review is nothing short of a reality check for you. Unless you’re willing to purchase MOBE products, do not even think of earning money online here.

This is by far one of the honest My Millionaire Mentor Reviews to go through before proceeding to put your money into any money-making machinery.

Even if you wish to make money online, why not try MOBE instead. Alternatively, I have a good option for you if you’re willing to make money through a trusted partner.