My Online Dream Biz – Another Scam on the Block?

How about living your dream with much ado? Sounds impossible but that’s what My Online Dream Biz is selling us.

My Online Dream Biz is just another website boasting about making earning money online easier than you can think of. Well, that’s enough to make you sit through a promotional video once you log in to the website.

But what you get out of it is absolute zilch.

I have reviewed many online scams in the past, so now it doesn’t take much time to actually catch the bluff with flashy banners shouting easy money.

With My Online Dream Biz – it’s all big talks and no money! But how? Well, this honest review would prove my words right by the end of it.

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What is My Online Dream Biz?

My Online Dream Biz claims to help you earn $3,000 to $6,000 per month with making little efforts. So if you’re working full time somewhere, even then you can avail this bounty.

No wonder, it comes in some of the top searches in Google for people aspire to have a business of their own. So any helping hand would be more than welcome. Isint? Nevertheless, let’s wait before we drop the curtains to the show!

You may be enamored with the glorious returns but there is more to it and this review would precisely shed light on some hidden facts.

Let us start cracking the code….

As I logged into it, the very first sales video has ‘
Jason Moore’ bombasting about how easy it can be to pocket $3 to $6k in a single month whilst sitting in the comfort of your home. He claims to have earned millions of dollars online with My Online Dream Biz; so the guy has all your attention as he starts unraveling the secrets.

Well, I remained double-minded but still gave him a fair chance to convince with this sales pitch. Well saying that would be an understatement since I genuinely thought that it may be different from other scams.

So getting back to Jason Moore; he claims that you can go on to earn $400 when the video ends. Well, that was a bouncer I wasn’t prepared to take on. So, I was hooked and after all the tirade, I ended up receiving nothing close to even a mine let alone $400.


You’re not alone since I was at the sitting at the edge to know how a video could make me earn this much money. But hey! It was all bogus for he claims that this is the amount of discount you get off on availing My Online Dream Biz system.

So, you have to shell out only $99 out of the market price of $499 so yeah they’re offering a huge discount. I was stunned and so do most of you if you ever went on to watch the video.

I was tricked into believing that there was a huge revelation around the corner but my deep-seated fears prove to be right. To get some insight into the scam, I tried to dig out some information about Jason Moore since paid actors in such business is a regular thing.

As expected, he was a scam artist from a popular site ‘Fiverr’. So the entire video was completely scripted to fool the audience into believing that My Online Dream Biz is a luxury cruiser for you!

Don’t be surprised if you found him in some video for he might have acted for many other fake sites as well. You may argue that maybe Jason is the name of the owner, and he is just hiding his real identity. But why would anyone do that?

There is no clear answer to that. For that matter, even the official website doesn’t have any mention of the owners and their background. So what to make out of all this?

I have seen dozens of sites making such tall claims with most of them somewhere linked with MOBE. Watch out for many affiliate marketers from MOBE getting into such shoddy business to lure people into fake schemes.

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Do you make any money?

That’s a legit question for you would be spending $99 for nothing. So as you log into your account, you will be expected to do a handful of up-sells.

Ethically, there is nothing wrong in upselling for companies like Amazon recommend some products that mirror your frequent purchases. However, here in My Online Dream Biz, it’s more about sucking money out of you once you have made the first purchase.

The biggest drawback is you aren’t even getting reasonable recommendations; it is just about making money with any possible easy means. Whilst they claim you’re making extra money with every purchase, the real picture is different altogether.

If that’s not all, you might be flooded with emails for promoting their products and other stuff and that too at exorbitant prices. It is an unstated fact that buying a product sets off you to an endless journey of buying some or the other product.

The final verdict says ……

By now, you might have got a fair idea that what it means to be a member of My Online Dream Biz. It is nothing but another scam to fool you into making repeated purchases for stealing money.

There are a lot of people out there who end up buying Jason’s sales tirade, but that doesn’t make fortunes for you. In fact, you might be losing what you all have with all the tricks in the books.

You may have read many my online dream biz reviews, but hopefully, this has given you a better insight. You wouldn’t like betting your hard-earned money on something as fickle as this.

If you’re in need of extra money, do not turn to these virtual monsters. Instead look for the system that provides you genuine training to set you on the right track to earn money.