The Super Affiliate Network – Searching for the Scam side?

Every day there are new schemes and proposals that make extra efforts to convince you with their repetitious marketing and promotional strategies, billboarding that their systems can help you boost your income.

With new pyramid schemes on every hook and corner of the street, this time I have decided to review the Super Affiliate Network to specifically discover if it manifests something helpful or not.

But before I begin..

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Weighing the Super Affiliate Network

Now we know that Super Affiliate Network is not something that has emerged recently, however, it has gained a lot of traction in the recent few months.

As more and more people were exploring and asking me about the authenticity of this system, I decided to conduct a review of the Super Affiliate Network.

So, when I started inspecting this program, the first thing I noticed was- this is exactly similar to My Super Affiliate Mentor. This Business opportunity is being promoted quite dominantly over the last few months and “My Super” has received more appearance lately in comparison to other similar plans.

With the Super Affiliate Network, the premise specifies that a training system is conducted that enlightens how to earn money on the Internet employing the affiliate marketing techniques. It specifically teaches how to take benefit of the business opportunity attached to this program.

The model structure is quite alike the AWOL academy program, which is basically my No. #1 recommendation for making money online. However, different affiliate program comes with some contrasts that make them authentic and authoritative.

Examining the work structure of the Super Affiliate Network

Well if you want to join the Super Affiliate Network, you can do so by depositing $1. This will seem perfectly fine to you because $1 is not a big deal to pay for an entire training program.

But this meager price is just the starting fee and not for the entire length of the program. You can start and take a trial program, however, it will end pretty soon.

The admins of this network have been quite hypothetical when choosing the steps of this program. I have a couple of reasons why I feel so-

First putting a starting fee even if $1 will confirm that you are fully interested in the program and have the faith to pay more if required.

They will know that you are not the one asking for freebies and are committed to going about with the program.

Next, the $1 is a trial run and once you pay the amount and your trail is over, you will be billed at a monthly rate for continued access to the program.

This is the standard procedure for the trial and you can actually easily cancel out if you do not wish to persist as a member after your trial runs out.

Going through the training

Once you go have decided to go for the training, you will be diverted to series of steps to train you as an affiliate marketer.

Here you will be trained for various elements of affiliate marketing such as preparing an mailing list, email marketing, and other different tools that will help you build links.

The training will also equip you with the knowledge of traffic generation.

Upon closer review of the Super Affiliate Network, I found that there were multiple up-sells presented with the program that can cost enormously.

Well, there is no specific cost but I can tell you that they will cost you some thousands of dollars if you decide on upgrading your membership program.

Paying for the program

The Super Affiliate program is popularly known amongst its subscribers as “pay to play” program which means that if you have shown interest in becoming their affiliate and deciding to promote the network, you will need to actually own the products yourself first.

Once you have possessed the products then you can resell them and get the commission out of it.

This arrangement has however been repeatedly criticised by many people because the products as such hold little value and are only being circulated to resell and earn commissions.

This kind of organizational flow is comparable to Aspire Today and WiFi Millionaire system. These companies are not advisable to invest because you end up buying products you care about little.

Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network system

Misha Wilson a 25-year-old Internet marketer is the founder and owner of this network. Now Mr. Wilson has been a pro in the domain for some years now despite his young age.

He was one of the top earners for several affiliate programs on the Internet until he decided to branch out his entire new network.

It is quite credible to his character looking at his age and efforts he has put in experimenting with something as diverse as Affiliate marketing. He has been able to earn a lot of money for himself.

Let me tell you if you become an email subscriber to Misha’s affiliate, you will that he has been able to generate millions for himself since he started out for his own enterprise. He has grown really fast in short span of 12-14 months and he is a real person, not an actor.

Using the real face for your advertising and promotion makes you more accountable amongst your public automatically then the $5 gig actors from Fiverr.

Misha is definitely the one who can teach you the real ethics of Affiliate marketing because he is already experienced one in the domain.

Inferring The Super Affiliate Network

I would not say that The Super Affiliate Network is a scam because certainly, Misha Wilson is an experienced affiliate who have a real success story and a set of accomplishments to his name.

Nevertheless, after comprehending the arrangement and going through a proper review procedure for the Super Affiliate Network, I would not even recommend this one to my readers because there are lot many better options in comparison to this program.

I have examined and monitored several systems and products. I have hands-on experience with numerous complex arrangements and after spending colossal time and years of experience, I have listed below my personal No. #1 Recommendation for earning money online.

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