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To give you a better understanding, I have shared my point of view of USI Tech.

You may have read many other USI Tech reviews, but an honest opinion is needed to make the final call. Right?

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USI Tech Reviews


USI Tech no longer operates in the USA or Canada. Since there will be no branches of the organization in U.S or Canada, you can no longer avail the services as a customer or affiliate with it.

This is a huge setback on the USI Tech’s name and image as a company because most of its clients and affiliates are from the USA and Canada.

The red signal was the order of restrain, and termination was issued in Texas for USI Tech as well as BitConnect. The news went viral when users accessed their USI Tech accounts only to receive a notice that the company has halted its operations in the States and Canada.

The review below was written before the news was revealed and may lack authenticity.

Before I go……

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There are plenty of USI Tech reviews on the internet but a massive chunk of them are biased.

Behind reviews that over-exaggerate the positivity of the company are the affiliates of the company itself whose main goal is to convince you to sign up as a customer. Whereas those who write extremely negative reviews of the company are most likely to be affiliated with its competitors such as BitPetite or BitConnect. They manipulate you by calling USI Tech a scam to sign up for their companies instead.

Be wary of such half-baked USI Tech reviews for they will dupe you into doing something irrecoverable.

You will also find compelling reviews about BitConnect X which is the new ICO, introduced by the pioneers of BitConnect.

Whom to trust? Let me be of assistance…

What Is USI Tech All About?

The USI Tech’s official website lacks credibility because its pioneers, its team members, and the purpose, aim, and objectives are missing.

For a company that wishes to appear trustworthy and reliable, the disappearance of USI Tech’s basic foundation makes it appear shady and hard to trust.

The only tangible data that can be compiled in terms of the company and its establishment is the date it was launched on the internet – somewhere in the middle of 2016.

Apart from this, the important fundamental information and details about the company remain unknown.

You may find a lot of USI Tech reviews downplaying the severity of this crucial bit. Do not risk your money over shoddy claims!

A majority of the organizations that are secretive about their information and data unfortunately cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, it is prejudiced on our part to completely dismiss the organization since our USI Tech reviews are just starting.

The point of focus here is that for any MLM/ crypto currency company, it is important to have concrete background information to build a highly regarded reputation.

USI Tech Products

Further on, the products offered by USI Tech are not your everyday products. Although you cannot really learn about each and every product offered by the company in details, one thing is certain- the company definitely offers is affiliate membership.

The affiliate membership can be purchased and sold. What makes customers buy them in the first place are the fixed returns they receive on their investment.

The customer who buys an affiliate membership can access a forex auto-trading system since it is part of the platform. This platform, as said, comprises of the MT4 Trading Software, which is renowned for making digitalized marketing evaluations.

According to the USI Tech, affiliate members can make almost 150% a year because of the company’s short-term and long-term strategies.

But, when you closely scrutinize this, it is, in reality, the former USI Tech that was associated with forex trading. The new one has restructured and moved toward cryptocurrency.

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USI Tech Compensation

Members of the affiliation receive the payments from hiring commissions and brokerage fees transferred directly into their accounts.

A fixed commission system is also a part of the deal. As you look closely, it appears that the company is most lucrative for those who can hire others. This is exactly the way other companies that I have exposed to be ponzi schemes such as BitPetite.

Earning With USI Tech

By investing in Bitcoin you can easily make around 1% every day. This may appear to be an insignificant amount, but in the globe of investment it’s, in fact, a lump sum amount and is alarming.

In reality, the odds that every cryptocurrency investor could earn upto 1% a day is highly unlikely.

You will also notice that enormous cryptocurrency profiles are impossible to sell. The ones that are sold easily and in abundance are the smaller amounts.

This is because no one is ready to take the risk of investing millions into a cryptocurrency coin because the shifts in the coin will be their responsibility.

Once you decide to sell your position, the prices will fall because everyone will want to buy the coin at a price they make the bidding.

This works with Bitcoin trades because the amount is already so heavy but the odds are negligibly low with regular crypto currencies.

USI Tech Attracts Amateurs

Over time, I have reviewed more than 350 scams just in the last year and one thing that was similar and noticeable in all these scams was that the easiest to play with are the amateurs.

Whilst there are many USI Tech reviews written with little or no substance to it, many fall into the trap and end up losing oodles of money.

This is because they lack experience and understanding of the industry, and when an opportunity as bright shows up, they are instantly convinced that it is legit.

Many people have endured losses because of ponzi schemes previously but with the introduction of crypto currencies, things can get much worse because neither does any authority regulate them, nor are there any evidences of their traces.

There is no solid proof or trace of Bitcoin. It is just there and you have no access to any of its background information such as who runs it or where it started from. So this is a massive risk because who will stop the USI Tech founders from not eloping with your money?

This is where honest USI Tech reviews like this one come handy to avert massive financial loss.

Now, I am not saying this will happen but what I’m trying to explain to you is that there is a high chance that it could.

Is USI Tech A Scam?

Like I said before, if the founders wanted to run away with your investment, there is nothing stopping them. Bitcoin lacks traceable foundation, which makes it quite a risk to invest in such platforms.

USI Tech functions exactly the way many other companies do. Its largest rival is BitConnect which is obviously a much larger platform. Nevertheless, EthConnect a fresh  investment platform (functioning as Ethereum) in no time will develop enough to be at BitConnect’s competition.

I have this theory that I believe in – any place or platform that promises a fixed percentage of reward on investment such as 1% a day is shady and laced with risk.

Just the idea of a fixed profit sounds like a ponzi scheme because it is awfully difficult to regulate a fixed return on a legit investment.

I am not certain whether or not USI Tech is a scam but there is a high probability that it very well could be.

Many USI Tech reviews will tempt you to put your money without thinking. Think before you decide for your hard-earned money.

The wisest thing to do is to remain wary. You can move forth with your investment and even make a lot of money, but you also need to make up your mind that you could just end up losing everything you’ve invested in.

It’s as risky as gambling to invest in such platforms so whereas I would suggest you to refrain from getting involved in such platforms, even if you do, make sure to be smart with your investment.

So, what I’m trying to say is to not give away every penny from your account, but rather, take it slow, and invest an amount that would be counted as an investment, but if lost, wouldn’t cost you your entire fortune.

Before you leave….

USI Tech Conclusion (Updated)

I was very unsure of the company while writing down this USI Tech review.

I simply couldn’t understand how on earth they could give away fixed returns. I firmly believed that this platform that promised a fixed percentage of return on investments was just too big of a risk and unpredictable in the long run.

Much to my dismay, this has been proven to be true for a number of affiliate members and customers of USI Tech in USA and Canada.

A couple of USI tech reviews have been way too irresponsible to conceal the lingering risks in this scheme.

This is why the company was banished, and was ordered to halt its operations instantly in these countries. And because the company did most of its business in these countries, there is a low chance to find such a massive market anywhere else.

Thus, it is quite likely that USI Tech might just run out of business.

Hence, in my USI Tech review, I do not endorse investment in the company.