Claims Made in Serplify Review – Honest or Scam?

A new software called Serplify is widely being promoted with a claim that it can facilitate to rank your website on the first page of Google. Well, only an honest serplify review can help you.

It has been further added that the software uses 1000’s of keywords to deliver the highest result.

Honestly, this all seemed quite unrealistic to me in the first instance, this is why I took on the task to review Simplify claims.

But we should not leave anything on foremost impression and give judgment hereof.

So when I took the task to do Serplify review, I undertook deep-rooted analysis of various aspects.

Please just don’t feel that this is yet another review by an affiliate who want to promote it to you for making few dollars. Here I will share my complete and honest opinion.

But before I begin my Serplify review….

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Examining Serplify for Genuinely

In the past few months, we all have seen many scams of binary software like Rubix Project and Tesler. But today we will be reviewing something seemingly authentic and genuine.

I have for the most part of the time, been not much positive for such SEO software generally because I have already practiced quite a number of years on ranking websites.

Just to say that by clicking on few buttons on some software you can rank your website in top results is pretty skeptical.

Nonetheless, I examined much closer and hence I acknowledged that it is completely possible.

However, this software will work for the websites that have surprisingly low competition on the local grounds and don’t require much backlinking.

Also, the process can be accomplished through a manual push too but it would take plenty of time. What they have done with this software is that the development team have just automated the entire process.

If scrutinized thoroughly then you would know that they have actually done nothing special and even the sales promotion quotes and phrases are not just precise.

People buy it with the consideration that it would generate profit, however, a majority of them have no apprehension that it would only help them at the local level.

I would recommend to the people who just bought it relying on word of mouth, advertising, and rankings to actually evaluate if it is helpful for their business particularly. Nonetheless, it would genuinely work if you only want to promote your business on the smaller scale.

One thing you would necessitate after using Simplify is the manual editing of the site and arrangement of the content. Just examine if the entire process has worked the right way.

Things that Didn’t work for me

Undoubtedly, there are some very good things about this software, however, there also list of things that did not work for me. You can read my review of Serplify and accordingly see if you are okay with them or not:

Now they advertise that Simplify can build a perfect 60-second site that will rank your page #1 out of the 138,000 search results on Google.

  • It seems great when you hear 138,000 results, however, nobody cares about this number. If you know the accurate utilization of keywords, then you would also know that there are plenty of keywords that are not actually hard to rank. You might have also searched for a website that has resulted in millions and are not hard to rank either if well optimized. So advertising claims of Simplify are irrelevant in that respect.
  • Building a perfect 60-second site is fundamentally impossible using an automation technique.
  • You will only get successful rankings if you have very low competition. Better use this software for dominating local rankings.
  • If somebody with least knowledge of SEO is using it for Google, then he/she would end up disappointed or find a penalty for disrespecting Google Ethics. If you are experienced enough to trick Google then you might get something out of it, otherwise, you will get immensely confused.

Things that worked

As a mentioned before there are certain things that give an affirmative nod about this software.

  • This is an automated software which makes things lot easier and if used correctly can save enormous amounts of your valuable time.
  • The theoretical approach of this software is on the right track. In reality, Google does bestow some niche authority to some sites and ranks them well.
  • If amalgamated with the manual know-how of SEO, this software can be a huge time saver and can do wonders for you.

Would I rate Serplify a Scam?

I would certainly do Serplify review if it is something as a scam in any manner. Nonetheless, I would point out one vice for the approach employed for advertising, which is the claims- the promotional phrases used by the company are not entirely accurate.

But Yes! It is definitely not a scam and can work as a quite useful tool if employed with manual comprehension for local business competition.

My Recommendation for Serplify

Would I recommend it to you? There is a Yes with some Glitch. If you are planning for more reach and exposure it is not the right tool for you. This can help you dominate the local SEO rankings along with some manual editing. So for those of you, who think that this is a simple 1 click software for ranking sites then I’m sorry to tell you, it is not.

Nevertheless, after a full-fledged review of Simplify, my opinion is not EVERYBODY’S TOOL. Some people can always differ, however, I hope many of you may find this helpful.

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