The Millionaire Mastermind Review

There is no dearth of online money making opportunities for many people flock to such offers finding them easy to make easy money. However, there is only a grain of truth to it.

While some are honest business models, many would only suck up your money in the end. Here, I would be sharing an honest The Millionaire Mastermind review for you to be armed with all the facts before taking the final decision.

What is The Millionaire Mastermind all about?

It is nothing but a training company that imparts training and learning about how to operate in affiliate marketing and other methods such as CPA marketing. Sound good. right?

Having seen through many online scams, I usually do not buy into any spruce up a business model for they might have nothing to offer inside. So let’s figure out more on this for you to make a better decision.

The Brain behind The Millionaire Mastermind?

The only face behind the company is Giancarlo Barraza (popularly known as “Coach Giani.”) who started this company in 2014. If you look into his LinkedIn profile, he is currently serving as the CEO of the company.

From whatever little is available online, Barraza resides in Florida and has been working in web development until the economic crisis struck in 2008. This probably pushed him to start with affiliate marketing to make some quick money for his living.

There is nothing gross as far as Barraza is concerned if I see through all other online reviews and other sources. However, it was evidenced that way back in 2014, he was selling the training program in lieu of ‘minimum $2000 with barely anything to offer in return.
So you can say that he has been peddling his marketing expertise in a very low-grade manner just to earn some money. For whatever reasons, this doesn’t seem a recommended way to do business.

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How did I get to know of it?

I got to know of Coach Giani while I was checking through youtube channel of entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Catching a look at him while promoting the Millionaire Mastermind program was honestly quite unexpected.

Grant has a reputation to live up and I follow him religiously; so it did give Coach Giani an edge over many other scamsters out there.

Also, I do believe that all the people are screened before they are allowed to advertise on youtube. So, Coach Giani had got my benefit of the doubt then and there.

The company claims to have benefitted thousands of students through the affiliate marketing training program. Well, figures can be fabricated but affiliate marketing does have in it to let you earn good money.

Whilst Coach Giani has made its name popular but it is to let you know that there is more than one person involved in building The Millionaire Mastermind website. For instance, there have been significant contributions from the co-founder Rafael Luque: and marketing director Samuel Ribeiro. The duo has plenty of information about the market and the desired knack to play the instrumental role in the success of the company hitherto.

Do you make money?

While I would have written it off long back for I am of the opinion that most of the online programs have little or no substance to it. However, with the Millionaire Mastermind, it was different for the appreciation Coach Giani has garnered.

So, when I logged in, I was directed to ‘get the case study’ before Coach Giani starts sharing his expertise in online money making. So, I shared my email-id which I believe will be used for email -promotion of their market products.

If you thought it would be something factual; well, it is a video that shows Coach Giani occupied with his working system on which he shows the users a long list of screenshots that enlist the sum of money he has made with the program.

Anyone with a laptop and basic knowledge of using the same could make it to the potential users of the website. They train you to beat the market competition and make the best of the business opportunity out there.

Well, that’s a convincing way to gain more users but then practical challenges are all a different ball game. Nevertheless, there is more to is as he asks users to avail the members of dropshipping for Amazon.

With Amazon’s brand name attached, you would surely nothing think twice. Also, many big e-commerce companies are into drop shipping so this isn’t unheard of.

However, it isn’t that easy for you to have to price the products more than you are being sold to, in order to make a profit, and it can actually be very taxing given the consumers can directly buy the products on a lesser price.

So, think of it before giving in to the impracticality of the business model whilst investing your savings into training programs and in extension, the dropship services.

I may or may not agree with some of the practices but there is nothing fishy about it. Alternatively, you can explore more options to do the same business without investing money in training resources.

The Final Verdict says ……..

I have done thorough research on the website and its owners to regain the lost confidence in widely spread online gimmicks. Until now, I do not see much reason why it should be tagged as a bluff.

Matter of fact, its associated with some of the known names in the market only adds to its reliability. Nevertheless, it is your money and you should be careful with wherever you put it into.

The online market is flooded with many desperate players hounding you for signing up to their websites for easy money. However, the Millionaire Mastermind can be given benefit of doubt for it seems to be one decent company which is selling you the much-needed knowledge and skills to earn in a comparatively better manner.

Having said that it is not a scam, I would advise people to practice caution whilst entering the high-risk business opportunity for you may not earn anything out of it or worse, you lose it all!

Hopefully, the millionaire mastermind review will help you make the best call for your money!

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