Is the Automated Daily Income System Scam or Not?

The recent earning method in vogue is the automated daily income system. This is a fresh way of home-based work that I am going to review. By the end of this honest and unbiased review of mine, you will see why I don’t recommend this method of earning. So for more data and information, take a look below.

Automated Daily Income – Outlook

Everyone has been wondering what exactly the Automated Daily Income system is. Not too long ago, this came under my scrutiny and I really believed that I had already shared my opinion on this trend. Much to my surprise, this was not the case.

Not sure why I hadn’t but I’m most certain that it must have been on my ‘to review’ list and might have just slipped out of my mind.

Now that we are here, that is beside the point. What needs to be noticed about this earning method is the abundance of shady advertorials that seem to be encouraging this system everywhere on the internet.

Now what exactly is an advertorial? These advertorials are basically advertisements of websites and money making ways that people talk about. However, they are mostly fake and fraudulent because there is no evidence about whether or not these people actually did make money through the Automated Daily Income system.

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You can easily identify them because they feature non-existent, personal stories from notable personalities or labeled under the names of massive brands. But they are not real.



This is a snapshot of an official, legitimate ‘Automated Daily Income’ website. Though it features the approval of ‘USA Today’ and ‘Fox News,’ there is no genuine evidence of it.

This is a trap because they want the people looking for home-based work openings to believe in their website’s legitimacy by featuring reliable, well-known names in the market.

And what came strikingly to my attention was the similarity between this website and the plenty of others that I’ve come across such as Extreme Home Paycheck. There is a high chance that both these websites are owned by the same group.

What Is Automated Daily Income?

Let’s come to the point and talk about the Automated Daily Income system. Once I reviewed it thoroughly. Just by reading a little about it, I understood that such websites basically endorse the Mobe businesses. If you want to read more about what Mobe Businesses are then you can click here.

Mobe businesses are rather a new innovation and were introduced by an Australian entrepreneur, Matt Lloyd. You simply have to sign up to join and become an affiliated member. Once you’re through, ask more people to sign up and with every person that signs up, you make a certain amount of money.

The Automated Daily Income is a product of one of the Mobe-affiliated masterminds. I honestly believe that this website is owned by the most superior members of the Mobe business company who are probably on the list of the top earning affiliates.

What they did is make this website the talk of the town by encouraging people to sign up and enjoy an easy way of making money on a daily basis. They spammed the website on Mobe and allowed more and more people to become aware about it.

So now, the more the people sign up as customers, the higher rewards the affiliate members enjoy on the purchase of each and every product.

What Are The Products?

We won’t go too much in the details of what’s, how’s and when’s about the products, but basically, all these products are tools and measures of digital marketing. Essentially, these products train you in order to assist you in devising an effective digital marketing strategy.

However, this is business for the company so with every click on the product that you purchase, the affiliates receive their commission.

Okay let me clear this out- you get digital marketing training through a live event. Now the products are not completely a scam. This is because once you have purchased a product, you can reach one of the live events hosted.

In this event, you will learn about all the effective digital marketing methods and measures that you can implement in your own Mobe business to achieve successful results.

There will be top marketers and speakers of the company that will talk about marketing tools such as affiliate marketing, lead generation, how to achieve rampant sales and etc. In this way, you will be able to learn about all the tactics that will help you in becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Is Automated Daily Income A Swindle?

This is a tough one. We need to divide the Automated Daily Income system and the Mobe business to really understand the complexities of each.

Speaking from my own perspective, I don’t think Matt Lloyd’s organization is a fraud. It’s quite subjective as to what you think of it. I’m not particularly fond of these and choose not to engage in them. But, I have recently made a discovery that these programs aren’t legally a swindle.

On a completely different note, I don’t find Automated Daily Income websites reliable. The website is making claims too enormous; in terms of the money you can earn which makes it appear quite shady and suspicious.

Also, the amount of money you can make from this website seems too easy to make when in fact, it isn’t. So I really think that Automated Daily Income is prone toward a fraudulent reputation and is simply trying to make more people buy the Mobe business.

It is like a salesman telling you that the washing machine you are going to buy can wash all the clothes in one round when in effect, you need at least 2-3 rounds of washing for neat clothes.

Even if the washing machine works perfectly fine and even dries out your wet clothes, you were still misinformed about its performance. This example is exactly what is going on with Mobe and various affiliates who are endorsing this through disreputable websites.

Automated Daily Income Conclusion

I don’t encourage this system.