8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – Scam? [Full Review]

There has been plenty of hype around the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle System since a long time. Before you start investing your time, money and effort in the hopes of getting rich, it is best to look a little deeper into this program. It is always recommended that you thoroughly investigate programs that claim to help you earn major commissions, as the majority of them turn out to be scams.

So, is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a scam? Let’s find out.

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What is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle System?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is certainly not a new system and has been around for a while now. Strangely, it is being promoted a lot since the last few months. This system claims to help you make more than $2K in commissions using certain strategies.

The Reality

It is not as simple as it appears. Even though it is possible to generate a certain amount of money, there are various things one needs to understand before they join. Initially, you would have to invest a good chunk of money. You are required to invest about $2K just to start, but the total amount of investment can reach $22000!

If can’t invest this much then this is surely not the program for you. If you can, you might give it a try.

8 figure dream lifestyle system



How Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Work?

This program is not just expensive, you would have to recruit a high amount of individuals to start making money.

Packages Offered

There are five packages offered by 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. These packages are:

  • $2K and $195 fee for basic membership
  • $3.5K and $295 fee for builder package
  • $6.5K and $395 fee for an advanced package
  • $12.5K and $445 fee for pro package
  • $22K and $495 fee for VIP package

You must opt for one of these to get started.

Starting Out

You need a minimum $2195 to get started but even after investing this much money, there is no assurance that you would earn anything. Once you have invested in a package, you will receive training. The higher the package, the more the training. However, if you do manage to successfully recruit someone and they upgrade to VIP level, you will only be earning the commission of a basic membership.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you make your first sale, you won’t earn anything. This is with all the packages. This means that you need to make 3 sales to earn back your investment.


Conclusion about 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle – Is It A Scam?

Even though it does look like a scam, it is not as you would be earning a certain amount of money if you are following all the steps. Many would argue it is a scam but as long as you are earning money from this system, you can’t call it a scam.

Final Verdict

While 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is not completely a scam, it still not worth putting in time and money on it. If you have this much money to invest, opt for a better investment option.

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