My Honest Profit Unlimited Reviews

Searching for honest opinion after reading numerous Profits Unlimited reviews?

Not sure if you can trust the Profits Unlimited newsletter and membership in terms of its credibility?

Do you fear that it just might be another fraud?

I took some time out to investigate this website on my own. So if you’re skeptic about this website, read my honest Profit Unlimited Reviews:

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Profits Unlimited Overview

Introduced by Paul Mamphily and published by Banyan Hill Publishing, Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter/ membership.

Over the last couple of days, I have closely scrutinized Paul and Banyan as well and written my honest reviews about both of them under the title of Freedom Check that you can read as well. Anyway, the newsletter itself talks about the stock market and the chief stocks to invest in for lucrative returns.

You may have come across many profits unlimited reviews without producing concrete evidence.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Instead of jumping straight on the Profits Unlimited newsletter, we will first talk a little about the mastermind behind it- Paul Mamphily.

You must have read his name in many profits unlimited reviews.

I will simply give a short overview about Paul Mamphily because I have already done a detailed review of him and his works.

But to make things a little more clear about him, I have given a few major points about him.

For more than two decades, Paul Mamphily was an employee at the Wall Street and has been associated with noteworthy organizations such as Swiss Banks Investments and RBS.

He has been accountable for tackling investments worth over billions of dollars and holds a highly esteemed reputation for the tremendously favorable returns that he was able to achieve while he worked at the Wall Street.

Not too many years ago, he took his retirement to spend more quality time with his folks.

At this point, he made up his mind to join the Banyan Hill Publishing that writes about investments, strategies, and recommendations for success in the stock market.

This is where he introduced the Profits Unlimited newsletters in 2016 and ever since, the informative magazine has earned more than 80, 000 subscribers, and a lot of affluent stock picks.

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How Does Profits Unlimited Work?

You need to purchase a membership for Profits Unlimited. This means that to enlighten yourself with useful information and tools regarding the stock market right from the very stock market mastermind- Paul- you need to pay a certain amount of monthly fee.

The newsletter is emailed to you. It carries all the necessary details and information you need to know to make the right investment. It also has the top stock investment picks so you have a couple of options to decide which stocks to invest in.

Paul himself picks the stocks he thinks will offer the most lucrative returns that you should purchase along with expert strategies to deal with each of the stocks listed in the recommendations.

What I discovered was that Paul’s list recommended stocks offer around 12% of stop losses on each trade. If you aren’t aware of the term then it means literally what it says.

Stop Losses are basically stocks that come with a fixed price at which your trade will freeze. This is particularly effective and goes in your own favor since it prevents you from losing money once the stock reaches that certain price.

This is exceptionally favorable since it minimizes the amount of money you lose in comparison to the amount you could have lost if it were not a stop loss stock. So it is ideal to invest in stocks that come with such a degree of stop-losses.

Profits Unlimited Membership

The real question is about the cost of the subscription to Profits Unlimited.

In this Profits Unlimited review of mine I have given a detailed analysis of the prices. Initially (or as of the time I wrote this Profits Unlimited reviews), the price of attaining the Profits Unlimited subscription is around $47.

However, you may find such minute details missing in other random profits unlimited reviews

But like with any other product, Profits Unlimited also has a premium subscription that is priced at $129. With this membership, you can download and print the newsletter as well.

What is striking is that you can have a year long time to get a refund on your subscription. To me, this looks pretty convincing, since there is a lot of time to take back the subscription in case you don’t find it as informative.

You simply have to talk to the customer service representatives and ask for your refund.

Okay but this is just a refund of your magazine subscription fee. You can really reverse the investment you have made on stocks since there is no certain refund for any losses.

Investing in stocks is still pretty much your own risk. The magazine simply helps you in navigating the better option.

Is Profits Unlimited Swindled?


I am generally a skeptic person and only trust in things after a comprehensive research. So initially, I was a little suspicious about Profits Unlimited, but after doing my homework, I couldn’t be sure of a website as I am of Profits Unlimited.

If you have read my review on Paul Mamphily, I have specifically highlighted how he has been defamed for being a scammer when through factual information, it is quite obvious how well the newsletter has actually performed.

Profits Unlimited Performance

Are you wondering what exactly are Paul’s achievements?

Are you thinking about what the Profits Unlimited newsletter has accomplished in terms of its successful outcomes?

Well, you can observe the results through the profitable returns that were made by investors who invested in the stocks Paul recommended.

The newsletter was introduced back in 2016 and ever since, all the stock picks that he suggested have enjoyed returns as high as 56%, 64% and 73%. Some have even accelerated to 235%.

If you invested in the stocks he recommended, chances are you’ve surpassed anyone else in the market in terms of your profitability.

Does Profits Unlimited Lose Money?

It’s quite obvious that not every stock pick of the month is going to be tremendously profitable. But the chances of losing a lot of money are much lesser when you invest in the stock picks of Profits Unlimited than when you do in regular stocks.

This is because the newsletter is authentic and does not promise 100% results; it simply reduces the odds of major losses by giving you more credible options, which is quite a realistic approach.

On the whole, almost five of the Profits Unlimited stock picks have earned lost money and were halted at 11% of a loss which is a rather bearable amo

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Profits Unlimited Reviews- Any Alternatives?

There are always other options but none that I have reviewed.

One of the trending newsletters of the moment are the Freedom Checks, also published by Banyan Hill.

If I come across any of Profits Unlimited rivals, I will definitely review them later.

Profits Unlimited Conclusion

unlimited profits

Do I suggest a Profits Unlimited Subscription?

Because I am not a member of the newsletter and haven’t personally used it, my stance on this matter will be neutral.

As for my Profits Unlimited reviews is concerned, you can rest assured that the newsletter is not swindled. If anything, it has an awfully positive reputation in my eyes because it does not make too bold claims.

In addition, the subscribers of the magazine have reported favorable returns on their investments on the top stock picks, something that gives this magazine sufficient credibility.

But because I am not a part or subscriber of this magazine, I would not suggest you to use it. However, if you must, you can do a more detailed research on this magazine and subscribe to it on your own accountability.

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