Home Biz Advisors – Scam? [Full Review]

There was a lot of talks about Home Biz Advisors, so I wanted to check it out, here is what I found :
Since Freelancer, Fiverr and Odesk, a lot of other micro-tasking websites started popping out of the woodwork especially after the major success of Fiverr.

Working at home has never been so easy and appealing through legit micro-tasking websites. Depending on one’s talents, these websites enable home workers to work out a simple living or live better than a highly-paid clock-puncher. The other websites try to differentiate themselves by offering other things, to appeal to those looking for a quick buck in an industry inherently designed to help complement one’s income.

One of those sites is HomeBiz Advisors and here’s our review.

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What is Home Biz Advisors?

While browsing for work-at-home opportunities, you’d probably come across HomeBiz Advisors. At the start, it looks like a perfectly genuine, professionally-crafted website. Anyone interested in home-based opportunities would be encouraged to look into it.

Further by logging in with the requisite membership details such as name, phone number and email address.

Generally, entering your phone number isn’t recommended to any website but even sites like Yahoo makes use of it. What comes next is a list of seemingly get-rich-quick programs quite unlike the other mentioned websites that actually outsource micro-tasks.

The thing with “get-rich-quick programs” is, that they offer great things but the details are often vague–digital versions of smoke and mirrors.

Let’s dig deeper

Some of these promising programs designed to appeal to the ordinary crowd.
Home Biz Advisors

  • Turn-key Paydays – in a nutshell, it says that you’ll earn while you learn. Anyone who can operate a computer should be able to get into the program and boost their income.
  • Facebook on Fire – this program uses Facebook as a medium. What could be easier as almost everyone adds content to it?
    Post and make money. It’s that easy.
  • Internet Newbies: Clicking to Cash – we can’t really vouch for how this works but clicking for cash has been around for some time. It’s hard to imagine earning by clicking ads that are never relevant to one’s life in the first place. Why click on an ad for the best saxophone when you can hardly play a flute nor have any musical aptitude in the first place? Anyway, for this offer, people who play their cards right can earn as much as 1000$ a day.

What can truly validate Home Biz Advisors as a legit company is that it primarily sells traffic to people in the work-from-home niche.

This site acquires and sells leads to other people involved in the industry. If you’re someone interested or are already in the business of working from home, you are giving this site your information opening you to other people who paid this site for your info.

How Home Biz Advisors Works?

Let’s simplify this.

  • Home Biz Advisors acts simply as a traffic seller.
  • I own a website and want to generate more traffic so I buy 1000 clicks from a traffic seller.
  • The traffic seller posts my website on Home Biz Advisors then this seller drives people to Home Biz.
  • I then get some of the clicks I paid for when people visit the site.
  • So the opportunities listed in Home Biz Advisors actually come from me.

What is Home Biz Advisors Really?

By now it’s obvious that it’s not a home-based micro-tasking website, where other people hire you to do some home-based work.
It is a gateway for dubious click-to-get-paid. O
r share-to-get-paid or other weird web business models and maybe some truly genuine opportunities mixed in.

Technically, it’s not scamming people out of money but this model could lead people to get scammed. Sometimes, left to their own devices, the recommendations listed in this site’s three categories could lead unsuspecting people to some “Nigerian prince” that paid this site to generate more traffic. If anyone can make some real home-based money, it could be simply out of good luck.

Conclusion about Home Biz Advisors

In my opinion, Home Biz Advisors is not a real home-based opportunity website but one of many website ‘holdings’ that have random lists of the same content it’s peddling. It’s basically a descendant of those old websites when SEO was in its infancy full of keywords but no substance.

We look into these sites under a microscope because we genuinely want everyone to have a chance in these trying times. You can visit the website yourself and be the judge.

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